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Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier – Double Your Hauling Capacity

Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you’re looking for a way to carry extra cargo while traveling, a waterproof rooftop cargo carrier is a great option. These boxes stow easily when not in use and can be mounted atop a vehicle in minutes. But before you pick up one of these carriers, check with your car’s manufacturer. Make sure that it fits within your vehicle’s length and width, and works with your crossbar system.


The size of a waterproof rooftop cargo carrier determines how much gear you can fit in it. If you have a lot of heavy gear, you’ll need to get a larger model than if you only need to carry a few small items. A good rooftop cargo carrier will attach securely to your roof in minutes and won’t move or slip even when you’re on the road or over mountain passes. It should also produce less drag on your vehicle, which helps save on fuel and improves performance.

The Amazon Basics Soft Cargo Box is an inexpensive option that offers 15 cubic feet of storage in a waterproof and fade-resistant package. It’s a great choice for a family or an individual who wants to add extra space for camping or hiking.


If you’re looking for a gear storage solution that’s easy to attach to your vehicle and keeps belongings dry, consider investing in a waterproof rooftop cargo carrier. They’re more flexible than their box cousins and can be used to house a variety of items, including sports equipment and musical instruments. Rooftop carriers come in all shapes and sizes, so you should choose one that’s right for your specific vehicle and load. They’re typically designed to be aerodynamic to minimize fuel consumption.


A waterproof rooftop cargo carrier is a great way to clear your trunk space and pack all of your gear for the long haul. They’re a popular choice for on-the-go families, adventure seekers or anyone who needs some extra storage space in their vehicle. Most rooftop boxes are designed to withstand the elements, with waterproof plastic shells and weather sealing around the edges. However, it’s important to note that there are some design flaws that can allow moisture or air to get in. The best rooftop cargo carriers are made of quality materials and feature features such as waterproof zippers and flaps to prevent water from getting inside. They also have well-designed straps and buckles to keep your items secure.


A waterproof rooftop cargo carrier can be mounted atop a car in a few minutes. They are usually lightweight and stow easily when not in use. Most roof boxes are fairly barebones on the inside, with a simple cavernous space for your gear and usually a pull strap to close an out-of-reach lid. Some models also include tie-down points (straps included in most cases) to keep your cargo in place.

Some car owners worry about damaging their vehicle’s glass roof with a cargo bag, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Most aftermarket roof rack manufacturers sell crossbars and feet that grab securely onto a vehicle’s side rails to support hard-sided cargo carriers to know more visit here SuncentAuto.com.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a roof rack, the RoofPax is a bit easier to install than our top pick, thanks to its system of eight door hooks. Simply open your door and carefully pull back the weatherstripping seal, placing one of the hooks on the metal door frame. Applying gentle force, pop the seal back into place and close your door.


Adding a waterproof rooftop cargo carrier can double your hauling capacity. A standard Toyota Camry or Honda Civic trunk holds about 15 cubic feet of storage, so a cargo box adds almost 50 cubic feet for a larger vehicle with all three rows occupied.

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